We have also developed imaging detectors for a number of space missions including:

ACE        Advanced Composition Explorer

XMM     UV Optical Monitor

MSX       UVISI Detector

GUVI     Global Ultraviolet Imager

SSUSI    Special Sensor Ultra-violet Spectrographic  Imager

UVIT      Ultra-Violet Imaging Telescope

ICON     Ionospheric Connection Explorer

CEOIST   Centre for EO Instrumentation & Space Tech

Application Notes

Key Applications

Ultraviolet Astronomy

Including: UV Spectroscopy, UV Imaging 

Remote Sensing

Including: Atmospheric LIDAR, UV Spectroscopy, UV Imaging, Electron/Ion Detection.

Planetary Exploration

Including: LIDAR, LIBS, Raman Spectroscopy. 

Threat Warning/Detection

Including: Missile Warning Systems, Missile Approach Warning Systems.  

CBRNE Threat Detection

Including: UV Raman Spectroscopy, Neutron Detection and Imaging, Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. 

Long Range Surveillance

Including: LADAR, UV Raman

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